Experience that makes the difference



Services that make it happen

STRATGranat offers 100 packaged services  in 9 languages in the US and Europe.

STRATGranat is covering the one-off needs of Payment Sector Companies, Solution Providers, and Merchants, with a complete set of management services. We aim to be the Go-To Payment sector services company


Partnering with STRATGranat brings you:

  1. An A-team of industry knowledge

  2. Packaged answers to your one-off needs

  3. Cost efficiency and ROI

Working with us is more cost efficient than allocating temporary internal resources, which are often very busy or not specialised in a specific area.


STATGranat is your A-team partner in success.

"STRATGranat is an incredible partner for ProcessOut. Their payment & entrepreneurship culture are key assets to support ProcessOut expansion and development."

Grégoire Delpit - COO & Co-Founder