Experience that makes the difference



100 packaged services that make projects happen

STRATGranat offers 100 packaged services  in 7 languages in the US and Europe. 

We aim to be the Go-To Payment sector services company

STRATGranat is covering the one-off needs of Payment Sector Companies, Solution Providers, and Merchants, with a complete set of management services.

Partnering with STRATGranat brings you:

  1. An A-team of industry knowledge

  2. Packaged answers to your one-off needs

  3. Cost efficiency and ROI


Working with us is more cost efficient than allocating temporary internal resources, which are often very busy or not specialised in specific area. Working with STRATGranat means moving away from traditional consultancy. Our packaged services are

  • High value

  • Faster

  • Straight to the point


We are different

We do not lock in our clients into recurring services. Doing business with STRATGranat covers your one-off needs quickly and in a cost efficient way.

STRATGranat means better:

Fast, to the point, and confidential.



We know that everywhere is a priority.

Fast growing companies need to balance many areas of their business, struggling with priorities and resources allocation. STRATGranat specialises in addressing the one-off needs within the C-suite, Sales & Marketing, and Payment, Fraud & IT.


Sales & Marketing

Payment, Fraud & IT

Our experts already did it many times.

Fast growth of Payment sector companies means encountering new challenges along the way. STRATGranat brings a set of over 100 packaged services to face those challenges addressing clients’ Strategy, Operations, and People needs.